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Can’t commit to a full time program but still want some form of tech exposure for your child? Then sign up for ripplerXcess – a series of tech-related workshops your child can attend as and when he or she can make it. It costs just $180 for four 2-hour sessions, and you have up to three months to use it.

For Native (5-7 year olds)

mBot Line Tracing Challenge

  1. Introduce the mBot
  2. Introduce the sensors on the mBot
  3. Describe the line following mechanics/algorithm
  4. Let students overcome a maze by drawing a line through it

Code Buster

  1. Introduce students to basic encryption through substitution ciphers
  2. Create more complex substitution ciphers that use glyphs
  3. If time permits, create “moving” ciphers which are harder to crack

How a Computer Thinks

  1. Introduce students to the basic computational model (inputs – processes – outputs)
  2. Students will be shown a maze/game field
  3. Students have to design a “program” consisting of instructions like “take 1 step forward”, “turn left”, or “pick up ball”
  4. Students are to then “execute” the program – A student is blindfolded and sent into the maze. Other students must read out their program step by step for the student to navigate.

MakeyMakey Showcase

  1. Explain basics of electronic circuits
  2. Work with students to set up a MakeyMakey circuit and try it

For Explorer (8-11 year olds)

Cracking the Computer Language

  1. Introduce students to concept of binary
  2. Show them its usefulness eg. In representing letters (i.e. ASCII)
  3. Its use as a code (can have encoding and decoding activities)

Error Correction Magic

  1. Do an activity in parity bits with black and white cards
  2. Teach students about basic binary and the concept of a parity bit
  3. Extend the concept to that of a checksum

STEM Sphero

  1. Learn about density by putting sphero in water
  2. Change sphero density by attaching styrofoam or weights and notice how it moves
  3. Teach about speed and momentum

Photography Fundamentals

  1. Arm students with basic photography skills using our tablets
  2. Show them the power of image processing by letting them take panorama photos with the tablets
  3. Teach about how to beautify an image through editing
  4. We lay out a bunch of items on the table and challenge them to take the best photo. Best photo wins a prize.

For more information on our courses, do contact us via email at contact@ripplecreate.com or call 6255 5622 for a chat.